Mankesav Consulting is all about Career Management, either for Individuals or Organizations. We help people designing a Career that will make their life better. All our workshops, training, and coaching focus at this point as it meets our ethic as a corporation:

Honesty – Generosity – Humility

Mankesav Consulting develops its offer its expertise in one domain of expertise, demonstrated by more than 20 years of success story:

Career Development

Mankesav Consulting delivers high quality of services via two main types of interventions:

  • Career-Coaching. On an individual or group basis:
    • Career-Change and Active Search (outplacement),
    • Career Continuation Coaching,
    • Public Workshops.
  • Leaders and Teams Career Development:
    • Leaders Accountabilities,
    • Teams Responsibilities,
    • Cross Cultural Management.

Mankesav Consulting offers the best value for money programs

We can ensure you that you will never, never find any corporation able to offer you the same quality of work for less. We are, at least, 5 times cheaper than the others. Because we love our work, spend the week working, we are not a worldwide and costly money-making factory, and we consider that a client is not a dairy cow:

We are the Careful Craftsmen of Career Management