There is a time in every Work Life when we ask ourselves if we are on the right path. This coaching is designed to help you answering this question, and maybe find a new way.

This is how it works.

Information phase. First, have a look on this video, that will give you more details about the Career Continuation Coaching (3C).

Preliminary Phase. This phase consists in an interview of more or less 1 hour, before starting the Career Continuation Training. This meeting aims at letting us talking about your needs, motivations and questions, the program, methods, tools and how we will work together and what this program will be requiring as a personal investment.

Once you have decided to join, go there to order the program, and the 3C can begin!

Investigation Phase.

  • E-learning session #1: this recorded webinar will help you preparing your first individual one-to-one workshop, by making you thinking accurately of your past career: what were the ups and downs, what were the previous changes, projects you left on the side or that you had to leave on the side, what you were prevented to do, what are your regrets…
  • One-to-One Workshop #1: this first one hour meeting  is designed to help you giving some sense to your past career, and enable you to project yourself in future. Following this workshop, you will be invited to fill-in your Personal Progress Report.
  • Personality Assessment: this second part of the program will be dedicated to help you being clearer about your own preferences, thanks to the MBTI Personal Impact Report.  This full report is an amazing tool for you to have a clear image of your Work, Communication, Team, and decision-making styles. Once you complete the questionnaire, we will have a 2 hours feedback session.
  • E-learning session #2: this second E-learning session will help you preparing your second  individual one-to-one workshop, by helping you finding the types of working environment and your own frame of work and personal life balance.
  • One-to-One Workshop #2: from your MBTI feedback, and your personal work, we will narrow the environment you need to feel good. As you see, we didn’t talk yet about work or job, because you come first. Your next career will be there to support your personal development…
  • Interests At Work questionnaire.