Whether you are a from a company having the need to ask one or several employees to leave, whether you are an individual aiming at finding a new position, what you do really need is a competent coach, that had been recognized as a person who can listen to you actively, who does his best to deeply understand your needs, and who helps you finding a career that will make your life even better. Then the job will come. Quickly.

The first thing we will do together is to make your life easier: after a first meeting, during which we will be covering all the aspects of your previous and expected future career, your goals, the things you want and those you don’t, we will design a strategy.

Then, you will start working on it, via the e-learning platform, on your pace. You will first define how your personality does express itself, helped by the MBTI step I & II questionnaires (included in the program). You will as well define your professional preferences thanks to a  RIASEC tool. Once those powerful tools ready, we will assess what makes your personality at work, the types of jobs that suit you, so as the environment and the kind of persons you should be looking for. A job, is not just a job: it is an ecosystem in which you will be interacting, day after day.

A number of courses will help you to cover all the aspects of a career-transition, from the well-known resume, which is not so easy to do properly, through the social-medias use and the digital self-branding, to the interview Technics and salary negotiation.

The number of meetings depends on your availability, your pace, and your budget. The one to one coaching starts from one month (or 4 meetings) to one year (and up to 50 meetings). Every meeting will be validating the previous steps, questioning your choices, and helping you going to the next step.

Whether you choose a 1 month career coaching program or a 1 year coaching program, you will get a 1 year active search support. Partnering with the major recruitment and executive search companies in Thailand and Asia, you will be on the short list of talents that I bring to them, for their clients. As a fine networker, I will be able to introduce you to many companies, which ever is their sector or location in Thailand.

If you want to make it faster, or if you really can’t cope with writings, additional services are available on demand and will accelerate your transition :

  • resume and cover letter writing
  • LinkedIn profile writing
  • Facebook career-success oriented profile re-definition

For each tool, a specific hand-on coaching will be provided for you to master your own  material.

Why should it work? Your success is my credit. My credit is my long-term insurance.